Funded projects of S&T under Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)

Year Principal Investigator Project Title Amount (HK$)
2018/19 Dr Fred LEE Wang Fat Molecular Responses of Fish Gills Experimentally Exposed to Ichthyotoxic Dinoflagellate Karenia mikimotoi 699,523
2018/19 Dr Douglas NG Kei Shing Radial Basis Functions Method for Medical Imaging Problems 1,165,000
2018/19 Dr Eric SZE Tung Po Investigating the Potential of Using Probiotic Bacteria in Making Traditional Chinese Foods with Health-Promoting Effects and Reduced Carcinogenicity 782,100
2018/19 Dr Steven XU Jingliang Seasonal Succession of Microalgae and their Relationship with Environmental Factors in the Sources of Hong Kong Drinking Water 882,150
2016/17 Professor HO Kin Chung Design and development of a big data system for predicting harmful algal blooms 698,725
2015/16 Dr Kevin HUNG King Fai Development of an Exergaming System with Haptic Feedback for the Investigation of Energy Expenditure and Muscle Activities during Sports Training 663,519
2014/15 Dr Eric SZE Tung Po Development of rapid testing methods for the authentication of Chinese Materia Medica (CMM) by mass spectrometry 707,250
2014/15 Dr Angus WONG Kin Yeung Enabling adaptive and secure cloud connectivity for cognitive radio networks 584,200