3 April 2015
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Dr. Ken K.-N. WAI
(Hinds International (HK) Limited)



Over the past 20+ years “”Internet”” has made as many changes to our society and our ways of life as “”Electricity”” had done over a century ago. “”Industrial Internet of Things”” (IIoT) will accelerate the innovation of sectors that account for over two-third of world output in the next decade. Are we prepared to take full advantage of this opportunity?

Although the building services professionals are still lagging behind in such adaption, we have been introducing the concept of Internet Management to the profession through our development of “”IAQ Profile”” and utilization of the results of IAQ Profile Monitoring to achieve the targets of IAQ management in the office buildings in Hong Kong. This seminar shall focus on Why and How IAQ Profile is utilized in building management to achieve the goals of money saving, energy saving, health protection, improving work efficiency and the added value of business prestige, and protection of the environment, and Why and How this new IIoT technology of the Building Services Professionals is for Tomorrow’s World.