IRS02 IRS03IRITS/CRANT Seminar “Revolutionizing Technology for 6G Wireless System: Intelligent Reflecting Surface (IRS)”

Topic: CRANT Seminar “Revolutionizing Technology for 6G Wireless System: Intelligent Reflecting Surface (IRS)”

Speaker: Dr. LI Xueyi

Date: Jan 22, 2021

Time: 12:00 – 13:00

Abstract: Internet of Everything (IoE) applications, such as extended reality, telemedicine, haptics, autonomous aerial vehicles, brain-computer interface, and connected autonomous systems, require high network capacity, ultra-reliable, and low-latency communication. The sixth-generation (6G) wireless communication aims to fulfill the performance requirements of IoE, and one of the enabling technologies of 6G is IRS (Intelligent Reflecting Surface). It proactively modifies the wireless channel in order to improve system performance. This presentation will first introduce the applications, trend and enabling technologies of 6G, followed by discussion of IRS and its performance under different usage scenarios.

Speaker Biography: Dr. LI Xueyi completed his undergraduate study at the Beijing Normal University (BNU), and received his Master and Ph.D. degree in Communication and Information System from Jinan University and Sun Yat-Sen University, respectively. He is now a lecturer in Guangdong University of Technology. His research interests include Internet of Things (IoT), next generation mobile communication (5G+/6G), mobile self-organizing networks, and adaptive signal processing. He has published in journals such as IEEE Communications Letters and IET Communications. He is also actively engaged in over 20 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects.